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Join the biggest names in the game for a series of design tutorials on Editor X.

Portrait image of designer Gavin Strange sitting in front of multiple computer screens displaying bright colors.


Gavin Strange.

Director and designer Gavin Strange always shines a spotlight on the inner creative voice that fuels his unparalleled works of art. Watch him bring his passion and energy to the Editor X canvas with features like header scrolls, VideoBox and hover interactions.


Portrait image of designer Gavin Strange sitting in front of multiple computer screens displaying bright colors.

Take a closer look at the mind behind the talent as Gavin gears up to leave his creative fingerprint on Editor X.

Image of the name Gavin Strange displayed in large white letters over a black background with a faded skeleton.

Get inspired to use header scrolls to give your powerful site the introduction it deserves.

Image of the word ‘reel’ written in large pink gradient text over a white background.

Watch Gavin design his VideoBox directly on the canvas, keeping the quality as high as his energy.

Image of a colorfully designed dog character named Gromit over a yellow background.

See how Gavin gives his project gallery a creative twist using CSS grid and hover interactions.


Portrait image of designer Leta Sobierajski resting one hand on the side of her face, sitting in front of colorful graphic wall art.

Step into the unconventional as Leta gets ready to surprise you with her designs on Editor X.

Image of a white arm wearing a black watch, and 6 white spheres scattered over a black background.

See how Leta uses CSS grid and sticky position to create movement throughout her design.

Image of designers Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree standing in front of a large scale series of colorful sculptures titled ‘Seaport District Sea Sculptures’ in New York City.

Learn how to use scroll animation to turn your header into a footer as you scroll the page.


Image showing a sitting man facing forward. There is a plant and lamp in the background and a black and grey design behind his right side.

David introduces his colorful lettering and gets ready to give it the Editor X treatment.

Image with showing man facing to the side on blue background. There is yellow writing over the image of the man.

Discover how to incorporate sticky position and margins to create a cool gallery.

Image showing cursive, colorful lettering on a black background

Watch David combine scroll effects and layering to produce unexpected results.

Image showing a pile of lemons on a blue shaded background. There is yellow paint dripping from the top of the image and yellow lettering over the pile of lemons.

Learn how to build a funky site loading experience using animation.


Video of artist Daniel Aristizábal introducing himself and his series of video tutorials about how to use design features like text scale, custom menus and sticky position on Editor X.

Get a glimpse of Dani’s creative mind as he gets ready to dive into design features on Editor X.

Image of a green three dimensional hand split in three horizontal sections and lined up unevenly.

Watch how to use text scale to deliver a powerful message on every screen size.

Image of a large, textured orange sphere and a water droplet on top of it over a dark grey background.

Turn something simple into something outstanding with custom menus.

Image of three dimensional hands cracking a pink egg with striped black and white colored yolk pouring out over a blue background.

Learn how to use sticky position to make your design interactive.

Ready to start creating?

Build unique web experiences with advanced design features on Editor X.


Video about artist Amber Vittoria. In the video she  presents a tutorial and talks through her process of incorporating her art into a webpage design.

Get to know the unique style of NYC-based artist and illustrator, Amber Vittoria.

A work by Amber Vittoria's called The slider

See how to use a slider to display art in a creative way.

A work by Amber Vittoria's called Cover flow

Explore a cool way to display a portfolio online using sticky position

A work by Amber Vittoria's called Day and night

Learn how to control the way elements appear using sticky position and custom grid.


Take a sneak peak into Zipeng’s colorful world as he prepares to show you his designs on Editor X.

Discover how to use overflow to create interactive site experiences.

Find out how to use sticky position to build an impressive scroll effect. 

Check out this neat responsive hack on Editor X.

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