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Class with Gavin Strange.

For Bristol based director and designer Gavin Strange, there’s no project too wild and no vision beyond reach. Surrounded by countless screens, an extensive collection of toys and colorful memorabilia, Gavin’s den is a direct reflection of his work: loud and exceptional. Watch his tutorials and get inspired to explore features like header scrolls, VideoBox and hover interactions.

Meet Gavin.

Gavin Strange | Director, Designer

Image of the name Gavin Strange displayed in large white letters over a black background with a faded skeleton.

Draw the curtains.

Get inspired to use header scrolls to give your powerful site the introduction it deserves.

Image of the word ‘reel’ written in large pink gradient text over a white background.

The reel deal.

Watch Gavin design his VideoBox directly on the canvas, keeping the quality as high as his energy.

Image of a colorfully designed dog character named Gromit over a yellow background.

Hover lover.

See how Gavin gives his project gallery a creative twist using CSS grid and hover interactions.

Try out these features on Editor X.

Black background image with shadowy mountain ranges.

Master every creation.

Fine-tune your skills and fuel your ideas with exclusive educational and inspirational materials.

Academy X

Get to know Editor X one feature at a time with lessons, videos and hands-on training.

Image on Editor X with the focal point tool open.

Shaping Design

Stay up to date with insights, ideas and trends from thought leaders in the design world.

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Community X

Connect with other creators like you and be the first to hear about product updates and releases.

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Editor X

The rest is up to you.

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