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Class with Daniel Aristizábal.

As an art director, artist and digital illustrator, Dani’s work uses advanced technology to recreate the surreal visuals from his dreams and memories. Focusing on whimsical designs and loud colors, Dani strongly encourages people to challenge the normal and not be afraid to stand out.

Meet Dani.

Daniel Aristizábal | Art Director, Artist and Digital Illustrator

Image of a green three dimensional hand split in three horizontal sections and lined up unevenly.

Text me.

Watch how to use text scale to deliver a powerful message on every screen size.

Image of a large, textured orange sphere and a water droplet on top of it over a dark grey background.

Normal is boring.

Turn something simple into something outstanding with custom menus.

Video Tools and Decorative Elements

Image of three dimensional hands cracking a pink egg with striped black and white colored yolk pouring out over a blue background.

Sticky eggs.

Learn how to use sticky position to make your design interactive.

Sticky Position

Inspector Panel
Layers Panel

Video Tools and Decorative Elements

Try out these features on Editor X.

Black background image with shadowy mountain ranges.

Master every creation.

Fine-tune your skills and fuel your ideas with exclusive educational and inspirational materials.

Academy X

Get to know Editor X one feature at a time with lessons, videos and hands-on training.

Image on Editor X with the focal point tool open.

Shaping Design

Stay up to date with insights, ideas and trends from thought leaders in the design world.

Blog article with numbers of views, comments and likes shown at the bottom

Community X

Connect with other creators like you and be the first to hear about product updates and releases.

Profile image, badge and title of a member of Community X shown above an abstract depiction of his profile info.

Editor X

The rest is up to you.

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