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Custom Elements

Create custom HTML tags to design elements with additional CSS capabilities that are not yet available from the App Market. Examples include countdown animations, breadcrumbs, tooltips, charts, cursor changes and scroll interactions.

Selection Tags for CMS

Add Selection Tags to any user input form and connect them to your database collection. This allows visitors to select and submit multiple choices.

Element Selection Preferences

Set your preferred pathway for grabbing layers on your canvas. Choose to start from the parent container or child element on first click.

Multi-Column Forms

Add and customize a selection of multi-column forms, based on CSS grid layouts.

Content Suggestions

Get professional, editable suggestions for text and visuals according to the business type you're designing for. All suggestions are prepared and curated by our in-house content and design teams.


Translate each site to over 180 languages and keep the same design and layout for each. Set your main language then choose manual or automatic translation for each additional language. Visitors can simply use a dropdown to choose the language they need.

Get Feedback

Share a link to the latest version of a site to collect feedback from clients, colleagues or friends. Any comments will be connected to relevant site elements, so you can quickly review, respond and resolve.

Site Search Component

Add a Site Search component to any website, so visitors can quickly find what they're looking for.

Continuous Save

Never worry about losing your work. With continuous save, every change you make is saved for you automatically.

Concurrent Editing

Multiple creators can work on the same Editor X site at the same time for the ultimate collaborative design process.

Code Free Interactions

Add a variety of interactions, including transforms, to any element on hover.

Autostack on Drag

When you drag an element above or below another on your canvas, you'll be offered to stack them automatically.

Bulk Design of Elements

Multi-select elements of the same type and apply design changes to all of them at once.

App Management Panel

Add and manage site apps like eComm and blog solutions from within the Editor X workspace.


Present content in slides that can be swiped through manually or that switch automatically.

Right Click Actions

More element-specific actions added to your right click.

Multi-Select Resizing

Select a few elements and resize them at the same time from the Inspector panel.

Set Sections to Fixed Position

Fix sections to the screen, so they always stay put during scroll. Works for horizontal sections at the top and bottom, and for vertical sections on the far left and right. Great for headers, footers and navbars.

Repeaters with Variants

Display repeating content in different styles, to create zig-zag layouts and more.

Editor X

Design your boldest creations.

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