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Direct Grid Editing

Drag gridlines directly on the canvas to resize columns and rows.

Advanced Roles & Permissions

Set roles and permissions for each site contributor and member of your team—from content writers to developers and SEO experts. Let everyone focus on what they do best for seamless collaboration.

Autostack on Drag

When you drag an element above or below another on your canvas, you'll be offered to stack them automatically.

Bulk Design of Elements

Multi-select elements of the same type and apply design changes to all of them at once.

App Management Panel

Add and manage site apps like eComm and blog solutions from within the Editor X workspace.


Present content in slides that can be swiped through manually or that switch automatically.

Right Click Actions

More element-specific actions added to your right click.

Multi-Select Resizing

Select a few elements and resize them at the same time from the Inspector panel.


Add interactions—like style changes and animations—to any element on click, hover, or on entering the viewport. You can also define how an interaction with one element affects others around it.

Set Sections to Fixed Position

Fix sections to the screen, so they always stay put during scroll. Works for horizontal sections at the top and bottom, and for vertical sections on the far left and right. Great for headers, footers and navbars.

Repeaters with Variants

Display repeating content in different styles, to create zig-zag layouts and more.


Add live chat to any site, to enable instant conversations with site visitors.

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