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Pay Button

Set up a button to accept payments for a single item in an express checkout process. Connect payment methods, customize the design, and more.

Currency Converter

Let customers see prices in their local currency so it's easier for them to make purchasing decisions from a website.

Multi-State Boxes

Multi-state boxes allow different pieces of content to be displayed one state at a time—ideal for wizards, FAQ templates, product galleries, and more.


Translate each site to over 180 languages and keep the same design and layout for each. Set your main language then choose manual or automatic translation for each additional language. Visitors can simply use a dropdown to choose the language they need.

Continuous Save

Never worry about losing your work. With continuous save, every change you make is saved for you automatically.


Present content in slides that can be swiped through manually or that switch automatically.

Editor X

The rest is up to you.

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