Design & layouting features.

Build extreme site designs and style every element to perfection.

Flexible Canvas

Use the resizing handles at the sides of your canvas to view and design your site at any viewport width.


Control the relationship between elements as your screen size changes using Stack. This instantly places items inside a Flexbox, and prevents overlap.


This smart layouting tool is made up of multiple containers and is based on Flexbox technology. Content within a Layouter can automatically wrap and stack as your screen resizes.

Repeating Layouts

Display unlimited content from a database, keeping a uniform style across every container. Repeaters on Editor X are built on Flexbox technology, so your layout automatically adjusts to every screen.

CSS Grid

Design on a 2-dimensional framework to create incredible responsive experiences. You can edit the structure of your grid at any breakpoint.

Fixed, Fluid & Scale

Choose how each element behaves as your screen resizes. Set a fixed or fluid size, or set your images and text to scale proportionally with the viewport.


Editor X offers smart docking capabilities—automatically attaching elements to the closest edges of their parent container. You can manually adjust the docking to create precise layouts at every viewport.

Container Padding

Add spacing around the edges of any container—including sections, stacks, Layouters and pages, so they always keep a set distance from the edge.

Units of Measure

Size your elements in pixels, percentages, or according to the viewport height or width. When it comes to editing your grid, you can size columns and rows using fr, calc and more.

Custom Breakpoints

Editor X comes with 3 set breakpoints according to the most common screen sizes—and you can also add your own custom breakpoints.

Style Per Breakpoint

Change the styling and positioning of elements, and choose what to show or hide at every breakpoint, so your site design is tailored for every device.

Copy to Breakpoint

On Editor X, your style changes automatically cascade down from larger to smaller breakpoints—but you can also copy styling from any breakpoint you choose.

Copy Formatting

Copy design attributes from one element to another—either from an element at a specific breakpoint, or the way it's styled across all breakpoints.

Viewport Height

Set any section of your site to 100% viewport height. This way you can control exactly which part of your site a visitor sees, no matter which device they’re on.

Focal Point

Set the exact point on an image or video you want to remain visible at every viewport.


Save your section designs to reuse on any site page.

Pin to Screen

Pin any element to the screen, so it travels with visitors when they browse your site.


Anchors are invisible position markers that help visitors navigate a site. On Editor X, you can make any element an anchor.


Choose how your content appears inside a container. Hide some of it, or create elegant inner scrolls using Overflow settings.


Animate any element on your page and customize the behavior, direction, duration and delay.

Sticky Position

Pin any element to the screen, so it stays visible during scroll. Set a specific point where the element unsticks and scrolls with the rest of the site.

Header Scroll Animations

Control the behavior of fixed site headers with move, fade and fill-color effects.

Photo Studio

Edit and enhance the source of any image, right inside Editor X. Remove and replace the background, control the sharpness, crop, adjust and add filters.

Scroll Effects

Add a 3rd dimension to any site with parallax, reveal, zoom-in or fade-in scrolling.

Custom Menus

Create multiple, unique menus on every site page, according to your needs.

Video Collections

Bring motion to every site with video backgrounds, VideoBox and transparent video.

Font Uploads

Upload the fonts you need to your library and access them across any Editor X site.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Browse 1000s of vector illustrations, shapes and icons or upload your own custom SVG files.


Showcase images and videos in the highest quality with fully customizable galleries in a range of layouts.

Design System

Step into our design system to explore tons of beautifully designed sections. They’re all matched to the color palette of the site and have built-in responsive behavior.

Editor X

The rest is up to you.

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