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Blank template

Blank template

Construction Company

Sticky / Blog / Repeater / Lightbox / VideoBox

Construction Company Template

Design & Motion Studio

VideoBox / Sticky Position / Lightbox

Design & Motion Studio template

Yoga & Meditation Studio

Bookings / Events / Paid Plans / Sticky Position / Repeater / Gallery

Yoga & Meditation Studio Template

Interior Design Firm

Sticky Position / Lightbox

Interior Design Firm Template

Gaming Startup

Sticky Position / Transparent Video / Gallery / Form / Lightbox

Gaming Startup Template

Financial Company

Repeater / Lightbox / Sticky Position

Hedge Fund Template

Tech Company

Transparent Video / Sticky Position / Lightbox

Tech Company template

Creative Agency

Sticky Position / Lightbox / Form

Creative Agency Template

Fintech Company

Blog / Lightbox / Sticky Position / Transparent Video / Repeater

Fintech Company Template

Real Estate Agency

Repeater / Lightbox / Sticky Position

Real Estate Agency Template

Cyber Security Company

Blog / Forms / Repeater / Sticky Position / Transparent Video

Cyber Security Company Template

Digital Agency

Transparent Video / Sticky Position / Lightbox

Digital Marketing Agency Template

SAAS Company

Sticky Position / Lightbox / Transparent Video

SAAS Company Template

Electronics Store

Forms / Online Store / Repeater / Sticky Position

Electronics Store Template

Tech Company

Sticky Position / Form / Transparent Video / Repeater

Tech Company Template

Product Launch

One pager / Lightbox / VideoBox

Creative Agency Template


Sticky Position

Artist Template

Coming Soon Landing Page

Transparent Video / One Pager / Lightbox

Coming Soon Landing Page Template

Design Portfolio

Sticky Position / Lightbox / VideoBox

UX Design Portfolio Template

Spa & Beauty Salon

Bookings / Sticky Position / Gallery

Spa & Beauty Salon Template

Artist Showcase

Online Store / Lightbox

Singer Showcase Template

Beauty Store

Online Store / Blog / Lightbox

Online Beauty Store Template

Fitness Studio

Bookings / Sticky Position / Lightbox

Fitness Studio Template

Flower Shop

Online Store / Blog / Sticky Position

Flower Shop Template

Visual Portfolio

Form / Stack

Art Portfolio Template

Landscape Architecture Firm

Gallery / Lightbox / VideoBox

Landscape Design Firm  Template

Jewelry Store

Online Store / Sticky Position / Lightbox

Jewelry Store template

Product Landing Page

One Pager / Transparent Video

Product Showcase Template

Branding Agency

Gallery / Form

Online Store Template

Coming Soon Landing Page

Sticky Position / One pager / Transparent Video

Coming Soon Landing Page Template

Modeling Agency

Sticky Position / Gallery / Form

Modeling Agency Template


Gallery / Lightbox / VideoBox

Online Magazine Template

Culinary Consultant

Blog / Form

Culinary Consultant Template

Food Tech Company

Sticky Position / Blog / Lightbox / Form / Repeater

Food Tech Company Template

Photography Portfolio

Sticky Position / Form

Contemporary Photographer  Template

Music Festival

Events / Transparent Video / Sticky Position

Music Festival Template

Product Launch

Lightbox / Form

Online Store Template

Fashion Store

Online Store / Sticky Position / Lightbox

Fashion Cooperative Template

Accessories Store

Online Store / Blog / Sticky Position / Lightbox

Accessories Store Template

Design Collection

Form / Stack / Sticky Position

Design Collection Template

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