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Class with Amber Vittoria.

Amber Vittoria is a NY based artist and illustrator who focuses on femininity. She celebrates women’s bodies in a refreshing way that praises and highlights large thighs, body hair and rounded figures.  Her focus is on bright colors and lightness. She wants to create a welcoming and comfortable space to encourage people to have uncomfortable conversations.

Meet Amber Vittoria.

Amber Vittoria | Artist and Illustrator

A work by Amber Vittoria's called The slider

The slider.

See how to use a slider to display art in a creative way.


A work by Amber Vittoria's called Cover flow

Cover flow.

Explore a cool way to display a portfolio online using sticky position.

Sticky Position

A work by Amber Vittoria's called Day and night

Day and night.

Learn how to control the way elements appear using sticky position and custom grid.

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