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Team accounts

Set up a team account and invite teammates to give everyone access to each site in your account. You can also control the roles and permissions of each teammate on each site to offer a tailored editing experience.

The Partner program

To set up a team account you need to first join our Partner program. It’s free to join and once you’ve enrolled, you can start earning points and unlocking exclusive benefits with every client website you create. From My Sites, select Partner Dashboard, then Start Now. Fill out your credentials and click Submit.

The Dashboard is open and the cursor is highlighting the Partner Dashboard button at the top of the page.

Setting up a team

From the Partners Dashboard, select Settings at the bottom of the sidebar. You’ll land on the Team Management tab. From here, click Set up Team and add your team name and logo to complete your team profile.

Note: This name and logo will be visible to all your teammates—and will be automatically added to things like emails and client invoices sent from your team account.

The Partner Dashboard is open to the Partner Home screen. The cursor is highlighting the settings options on the left side panel.

Inviting teammates

Click +Invite People in the top right to ask people to join your team.

Note: To keep everyone’s login credentials separate, any team members you invite who already have their own Editor X account will be asked to join your team using a different email address than the one they use for either Wix or Editor X.


Rethinking how web design teams work together


Rethinking how web design teams work together

Design libraries


Design libraries

Concurrent editing


Concurrent editing

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