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Let your content seamlessly adjust to every screen size using flexbox technology—ideal for structured layouts with multiple boxes.

Adding a Layouter

Find Layouters in the Add panel under Layout Tools. Choose from blank wireframes or designed layout suggestions. To begin, drag one onto your canvas.

Choose a display type

Each container in your Layouter is called an item. At each breakpoint, you can choose to lay out your items in Columns, Rows, Mosaic, Bricks, Slider or Slides. Select the Layouter and then choose the display type from the floating menu or from the Inspector panel.


You can drag and attach elements to each item in the Layouter. You can also apply a grid and position elements exactly where you want.

Managing items

From the Inspector panel, under Manage Items you can add items, or click on the 3 dots next to each item to duplicate, rename, delete or choose not to display.

Reordering items

From the Manage Items panel, drag the items to reposition them. You can also reorder the items directly on the canvas.

Setting the items size

You can resize individual items. From the Inspector panel, adjust each item's width and height using the measurements of your choice. You can also adjust the horizontal and vertical gaps around items

Adding gaps between items

You can set how much space you want to have between your items, horizontally and vertically by setting the gaps in the Inspector panel.





Choosing a layout tool


Choosing a layout tool

Slides Layouter


Slides Layouter

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