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Slides Layouter

Use a Layouter set to the slides display type to lay out your content as slides that users can scroll or click through. This option works well for presenting galleries with navigation arrows, displaying products or testimonials and more.

Adding a Layouter

Find Layouters in the Add panel under Layout Tools. To begin, drag one onto the canvas.

Inside the Editor X workspace, the Add panel is open. Layout Tools are selected, then Layouters, showing a range of preset options ready to drag onto the canvas.

Setting the slides display type

Select the Layouter, and from the floating menu choose the Slides display option from the dropdown. The display type can be also set from the Inspector panel under Display type.

A blank Layouter is on the canvas and there is a dropdown menu showing different display types. The Slides option is highlighted

Choose the slides direction

You can set the slides to move from left to right or from top to bottom. From the dropdown under Direction in the Inspector panel, choose which way you want the slides to move.

In the Inspector panel, the cursor is selecting Left to Right as the direction of choice

Setting the number of items per slide

Change the number of items per slide to control how many are in view at once.

In the Inspector panel, the number 1 has been typed in the field controlling how many items are in view at once

Adding navigation

Under Display in the Inspector, you can add arrows, buttons or text for navigation. The position type for these elements is automatically set to be pinned to the Layouter. They stay in view as users click from one slide to another.

You can customize these items to change their size, position, design and more.

In the Inspector panel, the Navigation dropdown is open, showing the option to add Arrows, Buttons or Text


Toggle the Show scrollbar option on or off to choose whether or not to display it in the Layouter.

In the Inspector panel, the Show scrollbar toggle is on





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