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Forms allow you to collect all of the information you need from site visitors including contact info, subscriptions and payment details. Forms can also be fully customized to match the aesthetic of any site.

Adding a form

Scroll through the list of available options and select the form that best suits your needs. Every form comes with a preset design and fields that you can customize. You can also add new fields, and remove any that aren't relevant.

A screenshot of the form templates available on Editor X.

Editing fields

Click on the form, then the field you want to edit. Next, click Edit Field to access the panel where you can make adjustments. Each field type has slightly different settings. However, for all fields, you can change the field title or mark the field as required.

A screenshot of Editor X showing the settings for a text input field on a form.

Adding a field

Select the form on the canvas and click Add New Field. You can choose a new field type from 4 categories: contact fields, basic fields, advanced fields and anti-spam.

A screenshot of Editor X showing the Add New Field menu.

Designing the form

Select the form and click the design icon. From there, you can choose an existing design, or customize one. If you choose to customize your form, you’ll have the options to design the input fields, the submit button and the form background.

You can also style the fields—as well as the submission message.

A screenshot of Editor X showing the Forms Design menu.

Reviewing submissions

Before you publish the site, check that a submission table was created by heading to your site dashboard. If no submission table is available, go to Form Settings -> Main and add a new one from there. You can access the submission table directly from the form settings or from your site dashboard. There you can review and manage submissions.

A screenshot of Editor X showing the Form Settings menu where the View Submission Table button is available


Breakpoints part 1


Breakpoints part 1




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Content manager

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