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Content manager

Create and store heavy or dynamic content behind the scenes of a site using database collections. You can connect your database to individual site elements like images, and responsive display tools like Repeaters. Ideal use cases could be a real estate listing or a custom marketplace.

Getting set up

From the Add panel, add a Content Manager, then choose the type of content you want to display.

The add panel is open and the Content Manager is highlighted.

Creating your collection

Select New Collection, name it and choose whether you want to add it to a new or existing page.

The pop up box ‘Create a Content Collection’ appears on the screen.

Adding your content

Fill out your collection with text, images, dates and relevant links. If you want, you can import data from a CSV file. Click the 3 dots in the top right to begin. Once you’re ready, click Sync Sandbox to Live. For the sync to be successful, you’ll need to first publish the site.

The database is visible. A collection called Courses is in the database. The first title is highlighted.

Creating a dataset

To display your data collection, go back to the editor and select your chosen display tool. Next, click the Connect to Data icon and select Get Started. Choose the collection you want from the dropdown and select Create. The dataset component will appear at the top of your page, and will be pinned to the screen—visible only to you, not on the live site.

Back on the workspace, there is a Repeater shown. One of the elements in the Repeater is highlighted and the floating action tool bar is visible. The cursor is hovering over Connect to Data.

Connecting each field

If you are displaying content in a repeater, you can quickly connect each element to a field in your database. For example, connect the image element to the image field. From the dataset component, you can also filter your collection to control what’s displayed. Now when you click Preview, the repeater displays content from your collection.

On the Editor X canvas, the image is selected and the pop up Connect Repeater appears. Not connected is highlighted.

Finding your collection

Your new collection is now stored in the site dashboard under Content Manager.

In the database, the new collection is shown under the Content Manager.


Dynamic pages


Dynamic pages

Content manager part 2


Content manager part 2

Content manager part 1


Content manager part 1

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