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Use datasets to display content from a collection in the Content Manager on a site, and update the content without touching the design. You can use datasets to allow multiple pages to retrieve content from the same collection but change how it’s displayed from one page to another.

Adding a dataset

Once you’ve added a collection and created your design with corresponding elements, you can add a dataset. Select the element you want to connect to your collection—a Repeater for example–and click the Connect to Data icon.

In the panel that opens, choose Create Dataset and select the collection you want to connect to. You can also name the dataset. When that’s done, click Create. The dataset will appear as an icon on the canvas with the name you assigned it.

A design in the editor with a Repeater with 3 items, all containing an image, title, text and a button. The Repeater is selected and the Connect Repeater panel is open with the option to create a dataset.

Connect elements to your collection

Select your desired elements and connect them to the corresponding field in your collection. You can only connect elements to their corresponding field type: images to an image field, text to a text field, etc.

If you’re connecting a Repeater, select the Repeater and connect each component from the panel. You only need to do this once, and all of the other Repeater items will update to display the content from your collection.

The design in the editor with three Repeater items displaying the same layout but different content. The Connect Repeater panel is open and connected to a dataset

Setting the dataset mode settings

Click on the dataset and choose Settings. In the setting panel, you can choose from 3 modes: Read-only, Write-only and Read & Write. The dataset mode determines how visitors can interact with the collection on your live site.

Read-only: Elements can read and display content from your collection, so site visitors can view it.

Write-only: Visitors can interact with user input elements and a submit button on your live site to add content to your collections. You can’t display collection content.

Read & Write: Page elements can display content from the collection and visitors can interact with user input elements and a submit button on your live site to add or edit content in a collection.

The dataset settings panel is open in the editor with the Mode dropdown open hovering over the Read-only option.

Setting the number of items to display

Control how many items from the collection are displayed in a Repeater or gallery by entering the value under Number of items to display.

The dataset settings panel is open in the editor with the number of items to display set to 3.

Filtering content

Create filters to display content based on a set of conditions that you apply. Select the dataset icon and open the settings panel. Click Add Filter. From the Field dropdown, choose which field from your collection you want to use to filter your content. Use the Condition dropdown to choose which criteria to filter by. For the Value source choose between:

  • Manual entry: filter by a specific value or text you enter

  • Another dataset: filter this dataset based on another one

  • User input element: let site visitors filter page content by selecting an option from an input element such as a dropdown

The design in the editor is darkened and a panel is open in the foreground where you can choose from different settings to add a dataset filter.

Sorting content

Set up content to display in the order you want by adding sort criteria. Open the Dataset Settings panel, and under Sort choose Add Sort. Choose which field to sort by and under the Order dropdown select how you want the field to be sorted.

The design in the editor is darkened and a panel is open in the foreground with the options to sort a dataset.

Editing sort and filter settings

You can adjust or remove filters and sorting properties from the Dataset Settings panel. Find the property you set, click on the 3 dots next to it and choose to either Edit or Delete it.

In the dataset settings panel, the mouse is hovering over the 3 dots next to the sort settings where there is the option to edit or delete the sort properties that were applied to this dataset


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