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Two web pages that show the back end of Editor X's CMS over a gradient background.
A collage that showcases the top of Noa Shabtai's portfolio. It features several flat, black semi-circles forming an abstract pattern over a beige background.
12 translucent 3D smiley faces sit in rows over a black background with speech bubbles indicating communication between them.


Screenshots of four websites float at an angle over a light yellow and purple gradient.
Three phone viewports show different stages of an "inflatable" 3D type design in process.
An illustration of a card that reads "Jingle all the way" over a colorful gradient background.


An illustration that shows three monochromatic, differently-sized viewports. Each window has a corresponding green rectangle within it.
A photo illustration of an open laptop on a stool. The screen shows the "Humane by Design" home page.
Text in white serif font that reads "2022's biggest web design trends" over a navy blue background and a set of fanned out rectangles in a gradient treatment.
A collage of three screenshots from Eileen Ahn's Editor X portfolio site, which showcase her full-bleed, gridded hover interaction.


A close up photograph of a pile of Dirtbag brand candybars in bubblegum pink wrappers and bulbous, lowercase black type.
Working from home illustration by Or Yogev
A collage of images from the Nike move to zero campaign, and Wildish & Co.'s branding for web3 company Metaphor.
An illustration of a person set on a plane and surrounded by floating screens.
An illustration of Editor X ecomm features, floating over a dimensional, reddish pink background.
A gradient illustration of three overlapping transparent web windows set on an angle.


A 3D illustration of a pen tool set within two silver brackets over a gradient background.

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