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25 stellar website examples to inspire you in 2023

The most inspiring websites for creatives and designers, from portfolios to agencies to retail and ecomm.

Screenshots of four websites float at an angle over a light yellow and purple gradient.

Illustration by Anita Goldstein.

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The most inspiring websites are the ones that elevate standard designs with sophisticated colors, subtly engaging interactions and boundary-pushing design decisions that impress users (and make fellow designers wish they’d thought of it first).

Whether you’re a creator working on your own portfolio or on a site for an agency or retail brand, we’ve compiled 25 examples—all built on Editor X—that you can draw web design inspiration from to take your next creative website from good to jaw-dropping.

Design portfolio website examples

1. Dalya Green

Each fold of Dalya Green’s portfolio offers a new, delightful experience. In the first fold, users can toggle between harmonious background gradients, and scatter “fun fact” stickers across the page with the click of an interactive sticker in the bottom right-hand corner. Fold two features a two-column layout with hover interactions that showcase her work without requiring a single click. From header to footer, Green’s award-winning web design portfolio sparkles with personality.

Dalya Green’s portfolio, which features harmonious background gradients.

2. Kirill Zakomoldin

This website by D&AD New Blood award winner Kirill Zakomoldin is a masterclass in style. A video background underscores Zakomolding’s work as a multimedia designer, an approach worth considering if you work in that space. The site uses vivid yellow type to stand out against darker backgrounds.

Directly below the first fold, Zakomoldin’s work is skillfully laid out in horizontally scrolling cards with a subtle hover effect adding an element of surprise. Get inspired not only by his creations, but also the interactive effects and custom cursor that bring his work to life.

Kirill Zakomoldin's site uses vivid yellow type to stand out against darker backgrounds.

3. Itamar Makover by Roei Edlar

Not satisfied with a site that lets visitors invert every color on it with a click (yes, really), Itamar Makover’s portfolio takes customization even further. Upon clicking each project from the minimalist, spreadsheet-like list, a convenient preview of stunning designs displays, thanks to a custom-coded interaction created with Velo.