10 web design agencies and the portfolios that represent them

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Web design agencies craft exceptional websites for clients, making their own portfolios an essential part of their online presence.

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Two website screenshots of web design agencies K72 and Studio Linear shown against a dark background with abstract purple shapes and a grid

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If your line of work involves creating websites for others, then your business’ own online presence needs to be especially sharp. For web agencies, website design is at the very core of their professionalism. As a result, their portfolio is an opportunity to showcase their work while also displaying the very values, story and skills they stand for.

Below are ten web design agencies’ websites that are filled with creativity and business value. Browse these sites for web design inspiration and discover what makes them so effective.

10 web design agencies

  1. Studio Linear

  2. Shiloh Creative

  3. Studio—BA

  4. Piranha NYC

  5. K72

  6. Ambizy Agency

  7. Lobysoft

  8. One Up Studio

  9. FLSY Studio

  10. Synchronized

1. Studio Linear

Creative company

Created on Editor X, Studio Linear’s graphic design portfolio opts for a typographical, black-and-white design that sets an intriguing stage, while letting their works and projects take lead. When describing the studio’s wide scope of specialties, from branding to packaging to web design, various typographical folds stack up one on top of the other using sticky scroll, achieving a dynamic effect.

In stark contrast to this web agency’s dark homepage, the project pages are all white. Here, visitors can delve into the female-owned studio’s style, inspiration and expert deliverables. The agency also reveals childhood photos of each of their management and team members on their About page, adding a personal touch to the site.

A screenshot of the Studio Linear web design agency screenshot

2. Shiloh Creative

Brand strategy and web design

Web agency Shiloh Creative’s website launches into a clear mission statement, immediately informing visitors of what they strive for as a business. Next, users are met with a selection of the agency’s projects displayed as videos, highlighting their interactive and fluid nature.

Built on Editor X, Shiloh Creative’s portfolio website is a one-pager introducing the brand and its driving force of helping businesses grow. Through a careful selection of fonts, scroll animations, imagery and color palette, Shiloh Creative uses all elements in their web design to reinforce the agency’s professionalism and creative vision.

A screenshot of the Shiloh Creative web design agency website

3. Studio—BA

Multidisciplinary design practice

Award-winning design and art direction practice Studio—BA’s website is minimal in its aesthetics yet robust in its structure and unique browsing experience. With a clean visual language that’s made up almost entirely of a neutral colored background, thin grid lines and a single typeface, this web design agency invites visitors on a surprising sideways scroll. When introducing the studio’s projects, however, the site is suddenly filled with color, allowing each of their client’s brands to tell their individual stories.

A screenshot of the Studio—BA web design agency website

4. Piranha NYC

Graphic design and art direction studio