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WarnerMedia’s SVP of design explains how remote work can lead to creative growth

In the latest episode of Wix’s Now What? podcast, Richard Jennings discusses finding inspiration, leading a remote team, and making the desi

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As the Senior Vice President of Design, Production and Interactive Design at WarnerMedia, Richard Jennings diligently keeps his finger on the world’s creative pulse. In the latest episode of Wix’s podcast Now What?, he talks about perusing paintings, flipping through photography magazines, and even browsing clothing departments for inspiration.

He points out that learning about the transformation of the creative world as a whole is the key to coming up with ideas that are original, on-trend and outside the box: “I subscribe to everything I can when it comes to design… and I’m not just talking graphic design. Fine artists, illustrators, photographers, animators, architects, everything.”

Jennings also reflects on how the COVID-19 pandemic has posed obstacles for his team. Designers, he explains, are visual people, and that kind of work is difficult to translate into verbal communication.

On the flip side, he believes that this challenge has forced his team to more clearly articulate about why they do or don’t like a particular idea: “I really do push my creative people to give me the why versus, ‘I just like that’ or ‘This is what I prefer,’” says Jennings. “I think honing in on being able to speak the creative language is very important in a business sense and to get people involved and excited.”

Jennings wraps up with an important takeaway for creatives: that being an artist is about sharing your knowledge with the community just as much as it’s about producing great art. He talks about his work with Diversify by Design, which aims to make the world of design a more diverse and inclusive place by supporting and empowering designers of color.

Listen to the full episode now.

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