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{excerpt} A sprint is when a company or team dedicates a certain amount of time (around 2-4 weeks) to work on a specific project at full speed.

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These 10 Editor X portfolios just schooled us in how to keep web design wonderfully weird

These online portfolios from Wix Playground Academy's 2022 cohort prove personal style is a better selling point than generic minimalism.

An Apple-style desktop monitor, which features a full-screen portfolio website by Junyi Zhu.

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A memorable and unique portfolio is one of the most effective ways to get your name out there and introduce potential clients to your work and point of view. These new designers below certainly met the brief.

During the five week Wix Playground Academy, a select group of emerging designers got a chance to create online portfolios and develop their personal brand. Here are 10 creative (and sometimes, a little weird) portfolios from the recent US summer session in June, all built on Editor X, that are worth getting to know.

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1. Punctuate with a pop of color

Yoonjung Cho is a New York City-based designer originally from Korea, with a focus on branding and visual storytelling. Her site incorporates a minimalist design and color palette with pops of color from hover interactions. It's a simple but effective solution that puts her work in the spotlight. Another really fun element is the variable type animation and animated emoji eyes, which she added to her name in the top left corner and the site favicon.

Designer Yoonjung Ho's portfolio homepage. Image courtesy Wix Playground Academy.
Designer Yoonjung Cho's portfolio homepage. Image courtesy Wix Playground Academy.

2. Hover interactions that have us smiling

Our next designer, Harbor Bickmore, has a masters in Fine Arts and Design and specializes in branding and typeface design. The site stands out for its stark white background and classic black font—but there are surprises in every corner, including the hover interactions from the bottom menu.

Everything has a dose of personal branding, from the favicon, to the cursor, to the URL (we actually can’t believe that URL was still available??). There are a lot of unexpected elements, like the hover over the social media icons, which adds a burst of color. We won’t reveal our final hilarious discovery—you’ll have to find it yourself.

Designer Harbon Bickmore's portfolio homepage. Image courtesy Wix Playground Academy.
Designer Harbon Bickmore's portfolio homepage. Image courtesy Wix Playground Academy.

3. An optical ‘80s throwback

Jiaqi Sun is a graphic designer based in NYC originally from Shanghai. Her work is focused on brand identity, typeface design, and editorial. Her portfolio has a quirky hover interaction that makes icons depicting ramen, croissants, and more disappear, and reveals her bio on the homepage. The interaction is a surprising and delightful way to showcase the classic “About Me” details we see in every portfolio site in a fresh way. She uses images and emojis to bring whimsy and personality to plain text, adding another layer of understanding about her interests and causing the user to linger just a touch longer than they might have otherwise.

The black background paired with the greens, reds and yellows of the emojis bring to mind the retro, video-game aesthetic of the ‘80s and some serious Stranger Things vibes. Y2k and the ‘90s are having their moment, but with this web design, the ‘80s throwback is coming in strong.