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15 responsive website design examples to inspire you

Get web design inspiration from extraordinary creations on Editor X, that look and behave just as great on any viewport.

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Responsive web design is an approach that allows creating websites that look and behave well on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. Considering that people can access a website from various devices and browsers, making a website responsive has become a priority.

Below are 15 responsive web design examples, all created on Editor X, to help you find inspiration as you decide how to design a website for your next project or client.

15 responsive website design examples

  1. Testaccio Chicago

  2. Melitas Ventures

  3. Geologists

  4. St. Vincent

  5. Stern Import

  6. Jax Harney

  7. Ikira

  8. Primer

  9. Adam Marsh

  10. Alt-Trap

  11. Boutique Le Diamant

  12. Yulari Films

  13. Blue Monday

  14. Urban Umbrella

  15. Alejandro Largo

1. Testaccio Chicago by The Real Agency

A good restaurant offers a lot more than a good meal, taking diners on an exciting journey through national traditions and culture. In the case of Italian restaurant and wine bar Testaccio, the journey starts even before you visit the actual place.

Their website acts as a navigation hub allowing visitors to choose between making reservations, browsing menus, ordering to-go and more.

The navigation menu looks equally well on any screen and resolution, by distributing the navigation options in a grid — a 2-dimensional structure that lets you arrange content in columns and rows. Notice how the multi-column layout can shrink to a single column where the items in the menu are represented as rows, depending on your device or browser screen size.

A screenshot of the Testaccio Chicago responsive website example

2. Melitas Ventures by SM-Creative

Melitas Ventures is a Venture Capital fund located in New York that invests in food and beverage companies. Following a fullscreen image slideshow in the first fold, you can read more about the company’s mission, portfolio, and team as you scroll down.

In their Portfolio section, the items are cards that contain an image and display text on hover. Once clicked, they lead to the clients’ website design, a great indication of the trust and pride that the fund takes in its customers.

A screenshot of the Melitas Ventures responsive website example

3. Geologists by Alex Chu and Cindy Chau

The eCommerce website design of beauty product retailer Geologists uses earth tones and well-lit product photography to create a calming and inviting browsing experience. The information on the homepage is presented in sections that complement each other. Once you scroll down, you can see best-selling products, and learn more about how they create their products. Subtle animated effects such as the “Quick view” label that appears when you hover over a product item create a positive impression for visitors and add a sense of motion to the site.

A screenshot of the Geologists responsive website example

4. St. Vincent by Studio Linear

Grammy Award-winning St. Vincent is Annie Clark, who made her recorded debut in 2007 with Marry Me. Fitting for a musician, this responsive website design example creates a powerful combination of visuals and audio. Content takes center stage here and the site is rich with videos, photographs, typography and sound that tell an engaging story. The page's simple structure and distinctive sections makes it easy to maintain a consistent look and feel, which was expertly crafted by Studio Linear.

A screen capture of the St. Vincent responsive website design example

5. Stern Import by Ambizy Agency

Stern Import specializes in selling luxury and sports cars, both new and used. People who buy luxury and sport cars want more than just a comfortable or fast vehicle. They also want an experience, and Stern Import understands that from as early as the video in the hero section, giving visitors a clear idea of what it feels like to own a luxury car.

On top of creating a fully responsive browsing experience, this website design by Ambizy Agency also makes small adjustments to perfect the UX for each viewport. For example, some elements are hidden on mobile — like the scroll more button at the bottom left corner of the screen, since it's assumed that users will naturally scroll on mobile to learn more about the service. Such small differences help cater to the needs of users, without detracting from the page’s content on any screen size.

A screenshot of the Stern Import responsive website design

6. Jax Harney by Jax Harney

Jax Harney is an award-winning colorist based in London. Jax lets her work speak for itself, allowing the colors of her video clips to pop against the black background of the page.

Almost all pages in this website follow the same structure — a flexible grid with cards (using Repeaters), where each card leads to a full clip. The informative yet unobtrusive card captions look great on all screens, retaining the same relationship to the card itself using stacking. Stacking keeps a consistent vertical margin between elements so that they look great on every screen size.

A screenshot of the Jax Harney responsive website design

7. Ikira by White Stone Atelier

Ikira is South Africa's leading producer of exterior soft furnishings and the supplier to many international companies. The look and feel of Ikira's website, created by White Stone Atelier, stay consistent across all devices, yet they offer some minor changes to optimize the experience to each device.

For example, when shifting from desktop to mobile devices, the page layout changes from a two-column to a single-column layout. Not only does this not negatively impact user experience, but it also allows the mobile version to use all available vertical space and show the content in an easy to digest format.

A screenshot of the Ikira responsive website design

8. Primer by FLSY Studio

Primer is the website of Melbourne-based DJ duo, Florence Brown and Robbie Ingram. The website, designed by FLSY Studio, releases DJ mixes by guest artists, alongside interviews with them.

With eye-catching details like animated typography, 3D illustrations and transparent videos, this responsive website design example creates a digital aesthetic that truly encapsulates the duo’s music.