Get in on the psychedelic design trend with these groovy typefaces

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Want to get in on the psychedelic type trend? We made it easy, by finding 20 groovy typefaces you can use right now.

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Psychedelic fonts are everywhere this year–from the lettering on Lorde’s new album Solar Power album to the global fast food chain Burger King.

And who would’ve guessed psychedelic typography could be so versatile? It’s loud, bold, and trippy—the complete opposite of the “less is more” mantra of mid-century minimalism. In fact, psychedelic type was first inspired by even earlier artistic movements from the early to mid-20th centuries–the flowing curves of Art Nouveau, the stylized graphics of Viennese Secession (Gustav Kilmt, anyone?), and the dreamlike quality of surrealism. The psychedelic period itself was dominated by famous artists like Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin, and Bonny MacLean, who created poster designs characterized by swirling colors, bold contrasts, and groovy fonts in the movement’s epicenter, San Francisco .

Today, these iconic styles are not only evocative of hippie counterculture and classic rock music, but they also represent opportunities for experimentation. Once used for print ads and posters, psychedelic letterforms add a refreshing twist to modern-day design, infusing brands with personality and helping them stand out both in print and on the web.

Want to jump on the bandwagon? We’ve assembled 20 of the best psychedelic fonts for web design so you can make your next projects even groovier.

20 psychedelic fonts

  1. Plinc Superstar

  2. Plinc Banjo

  3. Cooper Nouveau

  4. Cheee

  5. Eckmannpsych

  6. Hobeaux

  7. Gela

  8. Dreamland

  9. Funkydori

  10. Art-Nuvo

  11. Spicy Rice

  12. California Sunshine

  13. Ginchiest

  14. Mustardo

  15. Psychedelic Caps

  16. Victor Moscoso

  17. Bad Acid

  18. Mojo

  19. Glassure

  20. Shrikhand

1. Plinc Superstar

This psychedelic font from House Industries is a bold script designed by Dave West in the 1970s. Described as “juicy” and “full-bodied,” the glyphs also come in a shiny version, giving the font a sense of luxury and three-dimensional roundness. This flashy font works best for logos, clothing designs, and poster work.

Screenshot: House Industries.

2. Plinc Banjo

Another House Industries font from Dave West, Plinc Banjo manages to merge the Wild West with hippie counterculture. This rounded, high-contrast serif font is reminiscent of a saloon on the American frontier, but with a 1970s twist. It’s a great choice for logos, large and medium-sized headers, and poster designs for psychedelic brands with a retro twist.

Screenshot: House Industries.

3. Cooper Nouveau