13 online coding courses for every web developer

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Fit for every experience level, this selection of free and paid online coding courses is sure to boost your expertise and skills.

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In today’s digital world, having an understanding of how apps and websites work makes you stand out as a modern professional. Whether you want to be a pro developer or you just want to familiarize yourself with the basics, there are numerous online coding courses that you can easily complete at your own pace and are flexible around your schedule.

However, finding decent courses can be tricky - there are a lot of options and sometimes the hardest part of the learning process is knowing where to start, and knowing what you don’t know so you can improve and grow as a developer.

Additionally, everyone is at a different point in their coding journey - so we’ve put together a list of the best online coding courses for people at each level to get involved with, both free and paid.

13 online coding courses

  1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript by W3Schools

  2. Responsive Web Design by FreeCodeCamp

  3. TypeScript Course for Beginners by Academind

  4. APIs for Beginners by FreeCodeCamp

  5. Web Accessibility by Google for Udacity

  6. Web Frameworks by Maximilian Schwarzmüller for Udemy

  7. CSS Grid and Flexbox by Wes Bos

  8. Build a Web App with Firebase by Google

  9. The Complete Node.js Course by Mosh

  10. Introduction to Web Security by Stanford Online

  11. Professional Web Accessibility Auditing by The Chang School

  12. Designing RESTful APIs by Udacity

  13. Web Developer Nanodegrees by Udacity

Beginner online coding courses

If you’ve never touched a line of code before and are looking forward to discovering computer programming, check out these courses.

1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript

W3Schools | Free

W3Schools is a fantastic resource for learning a variety of programming languages, but especially HTML, CSS and JavaScript. What’s more, they’re all free and have interactive code examples along with challenges at the end of each tutorial so you can analyze how well you grasped a concept. Despite this being in the beginner section, I must admit I still regularly use W3Schools to brush up on specific concepts and properties.

A screenshot of W3schools for online coding course

2. Responsive Web Design

FreeCodeCamp | Free

FreeCodeCamp is famous for their great coding courses, and this one is perfect for aspiring web developers who want to make sites and apps which can be used on any device, from desktops to mobile phones. The course walks you through the basics step-by-step ensuring you don’t move too fast and get lost.

A screenshot of FreeCodeCamp online coding course

3. TypeScript Course for Beginners

Academind | Free

After you’ve learned the basics of JavaScript, I’d highly recommend jumping into TypeScript. This superset of JavaScript is used in many frameworks, and it uses strict data typin