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Medium’s Alexis Lloyd is designing a new UI for the creator economy

On the latest episode of Wix’s podcast Now What?, VP of product design at Medium Alexis Lloyd discusses the future of digital publishing.

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The way we create and consume information is changing before our eyes.

Long gone are the days of a daily paper landing on your front porch. So too is the web of yesteryear, chock full of earnest Tumblr pages and indie websites. Now, we have news aggregator apps, social media, newsletters from publishers, Substacks from independent creators, and about a million subscriptions to all our favorite content providers. Safe to say it’s a lot. And it has serious implications for UX.

No one knows this better than Alexis Lloyd, Vice President of Product design at Medium. (She was previously at Axios; Automattic; and the New York Times R&D Lab, which explores emerging technologies in journalism; and co-founded the Ethical Futures Lab.) At Medium, Lloyd is navigating the future of publishing in the present, and addressing where UX isn’t keeping pace with consumer behavior. She’s designing a format that corrects for what she sees as two main challenges: the limited notification, aggregation, and payment features of websites, and the experiential limits of email.

In the latest episode of the Now What? from Wix, Lloyd talks with host Rob Goodman about the resurgence of the creator economy and what the future of idea sharing looks like. “Several years ago, people would ask, 'What's going to win?' remembers Lloyd. “And my answer was always, ‘all of them. It's everything all at once.’”

Lloyd and Goodman also tackle the ethical implications of user-centered design, and how the practice can be amended to account for other participants and any unintended consequences. Lloyd also makes predictions about what future design jobs will look like—a hard task to ask of anyone, but considering Lloyd’s background, it’s worth taking notes. Listen to the episode now.

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