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{excerpt} A sprint is when a company or team dedicates a certain amount of time (around 2-4 weeks) to work on a specific project at full speed.

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How I Made This: The inverted color cursor you can spot anywhere

Tharun Joseph Abraham, creative director of Pale Blue Dot Creative in Dubai, shows how he did it in under a minute.

An illustration with a circle on the left side, and two smaller boxes on the right side. Each box has circles of different colors and cursors within them.

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Creative studios have a unique challenge when building their online portfolios: They need a showcase that highlights their work with minimal distractions, but they also need to show what they’re capable of when building the website itself. In a sense, the website is a portfolio within a portfolio.

For Tharun Joseph Abraham, creative director of Pale Blue Dot Creative in Dubai, this meant using strategic pops of color to create visual interest without taking away from his client work, as shown by the circle cursor below. Here, as part of our How I Made This series, he shares how he did it.

Describe your website and company.

The website is a portfolio of all the best work that my company, Pale Blue Dot Creative, does. We’re a small creative studio that finds creative design solutions for our clients, mainly smaller companies that need content like 3D and 2D animation, product branding, visual effects and so on. We also specialize in 3D food renders, which is a big part of our portfolio.


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What was your goal in designing this website?

The visual appeal was the most important thing. We kept minimal information on the website because our work had to take center stage and be the most appealing feature. We kept the surrounding elements quite simple and brought in a level of sophistication with small amounts of movement and parallax.

What’s one design feature on your site with a major wow factor?

I love the landing page with the showreel of our work and the circle cursor. The website has a lot of whites, but we added pops of color that help guide the eye, and this is also where our cursor came in handy.

The cursor is, first of all, the shape of our logo. But it also inverts the colors so that it is visible no matter what you're hovering on, adding contrast to an otherwise dark background. It also helps that the cursor is always visible, no matter the color of the background.

Now spill: how’d you do it?