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35 free handwriting fonts to use in your designs

From ornate swashes to loose brush strokes, handwriting fonts are personal and unique. Here are the best ones you can use for free.

A paper note with the text “A human touch” printed on it in metallic foil, in a handwriting font, placed against a fabric background

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Handwriting fonts, which look like they’ve been written by hand, come in all kinds of styles — cursive, swirly, rugged, or with long tails and beautiful swashes — that convey different emotions and set the mood for your entire design. That’s why they particularly lend themselves to headers, logos and branding, posters and social media ads. Handwritten fonts have a long tradition in graphic design, most notably in book and magazine publishing, but they can also be used in web design and help draw attention to user interfaces.

If you want your project to stand out from a sea of cookie cutter designs and add some personality to it, you need to pay as much attention to typography as to other design elements. Handwriting fonts can lend a unique feel to design projects, but be sure to choose your font carefully. Use it with consideration to ensure it fits the project and adds a personal touch yet doesn’t become overwhelming. Also keep in mind readability: most handwritten fonts don’t look right when used for body copy. They can, however, give a lot of impact to short standalone amounts of text.

We’ve compiled 35 of the best free, downloadable handwriting fonts for your projects and inspiration — just make sure you check the license before you use any of them.

35 free handwriting fonts

  1. Shears

  2. Kristi

  3. Pecita

  4. Hills of Marbella

  5. Milles

  6. League Script

  7. Hangry Hand

  8. Reey

  9. Pacifico

  10. Bambi

  11. Permanent Marker

  12. Quentin

  13. Rhesmanisa

  14. Bringshoot

  15. Miglia

  16. Barokah Signature

  17. Noble Company

  18. Oh Now!

  19. Piciaw

  20. Marker Mark

  21. America

  22. Alangkah

  23. Dexotick

  24. Arkipelago

  25. Eagle Thunder

  26. Rustico

  27. Sarina

  28. Cervanttis Signature

  29. Sontoloyo

  30. Westfalia

  31. Nickainley

  32. Yeah Papa

  33. Barista

  34. Maler

  35. Variane Script

1. Shears

By Fontysia Studio