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{excerpt} A sprint is when a company or team dedicates a certain amount of time (around 2-4 weeks) to work on a specific project at full speed.

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15 excellent graphic design portfolio examples

The best online portfolios radiate creative vision and personality. Here are some inspiring examples and tips for creating your own.

A collection of graphic design portfolios displayed in an isometric layout

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A graphic design portfolio is a professional, well-curated presentation of your work to the world. When done well, it can do more than just showcase your projects. It can create an experience for the viewer — whether that’s a new client, potential employer or design peer — that communicates your vision, visual language and point of view. A good portfolio can even serve as an extension of your work and creative identity, allowing you to shape the story you tell from start to finish.

In order to share ideas and inspiration for your own portfolio, we’ve chosen 15 excellent graphic design portfolio examples, all created on Editor X. We’ve also included a few tips on the essentials to include while creating your own portfolio site.

Join the award-winning creators who build their portfolios on Editor X.

15 of the best graphic design portfolios

  1. Emily Zhao

  2. Studio Linear

  3. Ylimay Zavala

  4. Tiffany Cruz

  5. Odds Graphic

  6. Grif Studio

  7. Xinran Peng

  8. Hermes Mazali

  9. Dewen Yang

  10. Ben Eli

  11. Andrada Haş

  12. Alina Rybacka

  13. Ana Bea Fernandes

  14. Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska

  15. Susy Digital

1. Emily Zhao

Emily Zhao is a Shanghai-based visual designer focusing on branding and visual identity. Her portfolio showcases her wide range of work, spanning books, posters and web design. The site conveys simplicity and elegance through a muted color palette and an elegant pairing of website fonts.

The portfolio website of Emily Zhao

The site was built as a part of the Wix Playground Academy.

2. Studio Linear

Studio Linear is a female-owned boutique creative agency based in Maine, US. They work with an impressive roster of clients in the music, lifestyle and food & beverage industries. Notable clients include NOISE, Lizzy Kain, and DJ Khaled's Days of Summer Cruise Festival. In line with their work, the agency’s portfolio site conveys an artistic and expressive spirit with bold type, eye-catching imagery and a sense of motion created as we scroll through it.

The graphic design portfolio of Studio Linear