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{excerpt} A sprint is when a company or team dedicates a certain amount of time (around 2-4 weeks) to work on a specific project at full speed.

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Red Antler’s Emily Heyward on how to design for trust

The co-founder of Red Antler agency talks about finding the soul of a brand through great design on the Now What? podcast.

Packaging design for Then I Met You by Red Antler placed in seawater.

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If you’ve been tempted to buy anything from a brand that looks like it was born on Instagram, there’s a good chance Red Antler was behind the design. The full-service brand design agency was launched in 2007 by Emily Heyward, JB Osborne, and Simon Endres, and has gone on to create the identities of some of the world’s most influential brands from Casper to Allbirds to Hinge and more.

To do that, Red Antler leveraged the power of social media to create designs and brands that resonated with a millennial audience that met them where they were. It was moving design beyond empathy and injecting digital brands with designs that exuded something deep—what Emily calls the “soul” of a brand. It’s what has allowed Red Antler to craft trusted brands through great design, and trust is a vital component in how consumers interact with companies.

Emily talked to Wix’ Rob Goodman on the Now What? podcast about how Red Antler revolutionized digital design for a new generation of users, and why creating great brand design is about providing real solutions to real problems. Listen here.

A photo of designer Emily Heyward of Red Antler

Branding work for Casper by Red Antler

A logo for Casper by Red Antler

Branding work for Casper by Red Antler
Branding work for mattress company Casper by Red Antler.