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Advanced creation platform Editor X has been making waves in the web design world. Here’s what makes it stand out.

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A collection of elements from the Editor X workspace, including the editor, color palettes, concurrent editing and more.

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Advanced web creation platform Editor X is the result of a clear vision: offering unlimited creative freedom online for professionals. Driven by this mission, we wanted to bridge the gap between the accuracy and creativity of the best design tools, to the power of the most advanced website design platforms.

With that in mind, Editor X has revolutionized the web design industry by bringing CSS into a designer’s mindset. We believe that it’s possible to have the best of both creative worlds, mixing the intuitivity of drag-and-drop with acute design precision, right down to the smallest CSS unit.

What is Editor X?

Editor X is an advanced creation platform made for professionals. With approachable CSS, integrated business solutions and built-in coding capabilities, Editor X allows you to build and launch powerful websites with seamless responsive layouts and full breakpoint control.

True to the brand’s mission, creators on the platform can experience total design freedom on the most intuitive and flexible canvas. With the help of custom breakpoints and flexbox technology, creators can bring their vision to life for any screen size imaginable.

The Editor X workspace with a fashion eCommerce website

State-of-the-art features for professionals

Editor X combines the visual intuitiveness of a design program with a developer’s level of control. Here are some of the many web design features and capabilities that make it stand out:

A streamlined creation process for teams

Editor X is the first fully collaborative website creation platform. Using the concurrent editing, to be released soon, multiple team members can work on the same site at the same time. Since our product is backed by the extremely powerful infrastructure of our parent company Wix, we support real-time team collaboration while ensuring a stable design process.

This means that every stakeholder in your team can jump onto the site at any point during the creation process, making teamwork seamless and eliminating the need for site duplicates. You can even ask team members to hop in for a quick fix using live commenting. This feature enables team members to communicate directly on the editor, leaving notes and comments or assigning tasks to each other as they work.

You can also assign different roles and permissions to each member on your team, so that everyone — from SEO specialists to content managers — can focus on their work, resulting in tailored editing experiences that suit your team’s needs.

You can also create and share design libraries with your team, allowing you to align on a project’s visual language and brand identity across multiple projects. Design libraries are reusable collections of typography themes, color palettes and other assets that you can access and share from any site.

A gif showing a team working concurrently on Editor X

A fully responsive CSS grid

A grid is one of the most important tools for creating and maintaining an organized layout in design. Editor X’s responsive CSS grid is an advanced layouting tool, giving you precise control over your layout at every viewport.

Using an intuitive and friendly abstraction of CSS, your grid allows you to align and dock elements into organized page compositions. This way, your product photo, for example, will always stay to the left of the page, retaining the same distance from the elements surrounding it on the page.

Editor X’s CSS grid comes with a selection of preset grids to choose from, and you can also customize your own. In order to achieve even the most intricate of layouts, fine-tune anything down to the pixel — from the grid’s columns and rows to the spacing between them. You can even create a unique grid for every device, adjusting and rearranging page elements for total control over your layout across all viewports.

A grid in the Editor X workspace

A gif switching between different viewport sizes on Editor X