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Editor X is officially out of beta

We just announced our beta removal in an online event, alongside a host of exciting new features to transform your creation process.

A photo of the Editor X Unstoppable event stage, showing many user websites on large screens.

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Shaping Design is created on Editor X, the advanced web design platform for professionals. Create your next project on Editor X. 

A year after its launch, advanced creation platform Editor X is now officially out of beta, as we announced in our online event “Editor X Unstoppable” earlier today.

Head of Editor X, Mor Philosoph, revealed a suite of newly released capabilities and collaboration tools, as well as the brand’s official beta removal.

Gali Erez, Head of Product, also unveiled the brand’s new collaboration with OFFF Barcelona by showing a demo of the creation process for the 2021 OFFF website, built on Editor X. The interactive, dynamic website includes a powerful booking system and impressive visual effects.

The Editor X Unstoppable event stage with the brand logo

Three people with laptops on a stage with a website presented on a large screen
Mor Philosoph, Salick Cogan and Gali Erez presenting the 2021 OFFF website, built on Editor X

Lior Bash smiling with an Editor X logo backdrop
Lior Bash, Head of Editor X Marketing, at the Editor X Unstoppable event

“It was one year ago that we launched Editor X, with a mission to transform the web design experience for creators everywhere. Little did we know just how much that sense of empowerment would become crucial. In these times of unprecedented uncertainty, the power of design, more than ever, is in your hands.”

- Lior Bash, Head of Editor X Marketing

New game-changing features

Over the past year, our 200K Editor X users have been busy creating inspiring web designs. At the same time, our team has been paying close attention to the valuable feedback we’ve been getting from our creators.

After taking your input in, here are the latest releases we’ve added to the product that will redefine the way you create:

  • Concurrent editing and live commenting: Concurrent editing allows for multiple users to edit the same site at the same time, positioning Editor X as the first ever fully collaborative website creation platform. Users can also communicate directly on the editor, using the new commenting feature. Backed by an extremely powerful infrastructure, these tools support a streamlined creation process for teams.

Concurrent editing and live commenting on the Editor X platform

  • Code free interactions: Create compelling interactions directly on the editor without writing a single line of code. This feature adds exciting creative layers to the editor, inviting users to break the boundaries of the platform. You can even combine these code free interactions with our open development platform and integrate with any API, to fit your business needs.

Code free interactions on the Editor X platform

  • Shareable design libraries: Align brand identities across multiple projects by building a reusable collection of typography themes, color palettes and design assets for every project, and share them with your team. Design libraries are a great tool for designers to organize brand books or design systems, set design guidelines and reuse brand assets.

Design Libraries on the Editor X platform

Watch the full Editor X Unstoppable event recording here: