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Designers are fundraising for Ukraine. Here's a running list

Designers are crafting illustrations, social cards, and NFTs to raise funds for Ukraine. Here's how you can get involved.

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Professionals from a slew of different sectors across the globe have been finding ways to use their skills in support of Ukraine relief efforts, and designers are no exception. Illustrators and designers are creating designed social cards and custom illustrations with links to resources, as well as typefaces, and even NFTs, with proceeds earmarked for humanitarian aid organizations.

This comes at a time when Ukraine itself is also getting into the digital art market as a way to fund-raise. Deputy minister of digital transformation, Alex Bornyakov, announced this week that Ukraine will launch a series of NFTs, which he told the Guardian will be “like a museum of the Russian-Ukrainian war.” And earlier this week, Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation launched Aid for Ukraine, an official website that accepts government donations in cryptocurrency.

But even before Ukraine announced its entry into the cryptoart world, digital designers were raising funds by making some of their own artworks available to purchase, with proceeds going to support Ukraine’s war effort. Here, we rounded up just some of the digital artists that are making work in support of Ukraine—and are online right now. (If you’d rather donate directly, check out this list.)

1. Paweł Szlotawa

The Polish illustrator is encouraging donations to organizations listed here.

2. Agnieszka Zaniewska

The Poland-based illustrator is encouraging followers to donate to support Ukraine via the link in her bio, and receive a link to download a high-res image of her illustration for free in return.

3. Pentagram

The famed design firm paired this image, created by partner Harry Pearce and his team, with a link to donate to the UN Refugee Agency, along with list of resources for help and donations.

4. Matt Willey

The Pentagram partner behind those super graphic Killing Eve title cards has put his typography expertise to good use, and is making one of his typefaces available for purchase throughout March. 100% of the profits will go to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ukraine Emergency, according to the post.

5. Zipeng Zhu

The Brooklyn-based art director made a series of title cards with information about how you can help Ukrainians in need, with information and links on resources to support children in Ukraine, journalists, provide medical supplies, and more.