29 black and white websites that show design constraints spark creativity

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These websites keep color to a minimum in order to play up their creativity with other design elements on the page.

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A collage of black and white website homepages and a black and white photo of a man with tattoos.

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What do a dalmatian, chessboard, and vintage photograph have in common? A high contrast black and white color palette that, for all its simplicity, is visually striking.

Because of its bold contrast, black and white is a timeless combination that is widely used by digital creatives. Not only is it beloved because it’s classic, but also because it leaves plenty of room for experimentation—whether in the form of three-dimensional graphics, interactive visuals, or unconventional typography. Black and white designs make room for elements other than color to stand out, with form, texture, and motion taking center stage.

Here, we look at some of the best black and white website designs online right now—showcasing how sometimes, design constraints can actually unlock creativity.

29 black and white websites to inspire you

1. Shir Daniel

2. Levon Aronian

3. Shay Aloni

4. NexBank

5. Angela Milosevic

6. Dana Barkay

7. Sofia Papadopoulou

8. Bruno Tomé

9. Lucie Bolé

10. Hello From Here

11. LE-QB

12. Alona Zukerman

13. Bon Iver with Spotify

14. Black Dog


16. Tal Rozenberger


18. Brother Film Co

19. Alon Peres

20. The Virtual Economy by L’Atelier

21. Raxo

22. Hen Golan

23. Bigfoot

24. Refresh Studio

25. Ronny Levi

26. Opal

27. First on SoundCloud

28. Order

29. Dillinger

1. Shir Daniel

Shir Daniel is a graphic designer who focuses on typography, illustration, and branding. The black and white animated print on her website’s first fold puts the visual emphasis on motion and texture rather than color. Further down the site, built on Editor X, are striking images of her work, which uses lines, shapes, and vibrant colors that pop against the monochromatic background. Daniel uses the Editor X repeater feature, the platforms’ multi-box layouting tool, to showcase her work in a neat (and responsive) grid.

A screenshot of designer Shir Daniel's home page in a black and white design.
Screenshot: Shir Daniel

2. Levon Aronian

Levon Aronian is a professional chess player holding the title of Grandmaster. True to his sport, his website is structured by a black and white grid. Font animations add visual interest, and a realistic three-dimensional chess piece, with a grayscale design that appears metallic, guides visitors as they scroll through Aronian’s ratings and awards.

Screenshot of Levon Aronian's homepage in a black and white design.
Screenshot: Levon Aronian.

3. Shay Aloni

Shay Aloni is a designer with a focus on UX/UI design and visual identity. His website, built on Editor X, makes use of clean white lines and a black and white logo, as well as a solid black background. This highlights his brightly colored portfolio, which stands out against the black backdrop with its vivid hues of purple, yellow, pink, and green.

Screenshot of designer Shay Aloni's home page in a black and white design.