17 inspiring fashion websites, from H&M to Gucci

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From asymmetrical layouts to looping video and motion graphics, these sites show how to make your fashion brand stand out on the web.

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Screenshots of two websites, Sacreflux and Severe Nature, from a round up of the best fashion websites online on a pink and gray gradient background.

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Web design, but make it fashion.

If you’re working for a client in the fashion industry, there are few additional layers to consider than the usual ones you’ll find in the backend of your web dev platform.

Fashion clients are design savvy—and so are their clients. A fashion website has to showcase the design skills of the client and their products, allowing the user to interact hone in on design details from seams to buckles to signature patterns. And the site itself still has to make a lasting visual impact too, communicating the brand’s aesthetic and values with the click of a mouse. Here are 17 of the best fashion website designs on the web for your inspiration.

17 best fashion websites

  1. Sacreflux

  2. Bad Boys

  3. The Fabricant

  4. Admita

  5. 2nd Street USA

  6. Atomo Management

  7. Wear the Waste

  8. Rich Minority

  9. Eastern Market

  10. Calcaterra

  11. Chylak

  12. Offten Nike x Virgil Abloh

  13. Fila

  14. Hajinsky

  15. Gucci horsebit

  16. Colton Dane

  17. Severe Nature

Screenshot: Sacreflux homepage.

1. Sacreflux

There’s not a single hand model in sight on jewelry brand Sacreflux’s homepage. Rather, the site, created on Editor X, introduces users to the product and aesthetic with surreal motion graphics in pinks, purples and reds, sending the user past bouncing red and silver hearts, rings, and angelic pearl drop earrings.

Once you scroll beyond the full bleed, above the fold motion graphics, there are horizontal sections with fixed photographic backgrounds, creating the feeling of scrolling past a larger image thanks to a parallax scrolling effect. The products—natural pearl earrings, pendant necklaces, and rings—float in rows in each section, with a hover effect. Overall the site makes for a dreamlike online shopping experience.

Screenshot: Studio Freight

2. Bad Boys Supply

Studio Freight’s official Bad Boys movie merch store website marked the 25th anniversary of the movie (and the release of the final movie of the franchise) with limited edition merch. The designer’s target audience is clear and super specific with this one: Bad Boys super fans. As to be expected, every design element pulls from the movies’ plots and cast of characters.

The site employs a black, white and red color palette that Studio Freight makes distinctly Bad Boys with custom graphics, and movie callbacks. The Bad Boys logo can’t be missed, hitting the user front and center across the entirety of the screen, like a movie marquee. A secondary footer logo goes a step further and uses motion to incorporate motifs from the movie, like a helicopter and swaying palm trees. There are other nods to the movie as well. Forget the default arrow cursor—this site replaced that icon with crosshairs. On its FAQs page, the classic arrow or pointer finger that you might typically see by a line item is replaced with a bullet illustration, making plot elements into design ones.

Screenshot: The Fabricant.

3. The Fabricant

Digital fashion house The Fabricant’s site completely eschews typical formats—and that makes sense, considering the house itself is upending the industry with digital-only clothing. The site subverts the typical horizontal or ver