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An illustration depicting different elements of a design system, visualized as widgets across the composition.
An illustration that highlights the ticker tape feature of Ron Porat's website.
An illustration that depicts the text "lorem ipsum" in all caps, across a cracked surface, as if on a broken gravestone.
A collage of several valentine's day cards generated by AI. Images courtesy Janelle Shane.
An illustration of the MidJourney interface and the resulting web design.
The White Lotus main title card over a grid of title cards from the opening credits.
An illustration of a studio's home page, overlaid by windows that contain website metrics and creator comments.
Two tablets sit upright at an angle on a cement bench. One features the Semafor homepage, the other features Clem Shepherd's portfolio homepage.
A digital illustration of a landing page spilling out of a laptop computer, with the text “Landing Pages” to its left
A 3D illustration of a mobile phone at an angle and floating in space. Each widget hovers slightly in front of the phone's screen. Two abstract shapes float in the background.
A gradient, 3D illustration depicting several shapes that have organically fallen on top of each other against a gradient background.
Two web pages that show the back end of Editor X's CMS over a gradient background.
A collage that showcases the top of Noa Shabtai's portfolio. It features several flat, black semi-circles forming an abstract pattern over a beige background.
12 translucent 3D smiley faces sit in rows over a black background with speech bubbles indicating communication between them.


Screenshots of four websites float at an angle over a light yellow and purple gradient.
Three phone viewports show different stages of an "inflatable" 3D type design in process.
An illustration of a card that reads "Jingle all the way" over a colorful gradient background.


An illustration that shows three monochromatic, differently-sized viewports. Each window has a corresponding green rectangle within it.

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