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Sliding layouter

Hadar Yamini


Mar 30, 2023

Sliding layouter

This content for an art exhibition uses a Layouter set to the slides display type for smooth navigation.

Learn how to create this design in 6 steps

1. Select a blank section, and using the Inspector panel set the height to 100vh.

image of step 1

2. From the Add panel, under Layout Tools, drag a Layouter into the section.

image of step 2

3. Select the dropdown from the floating action bar and choose the Slides display type.

image of step 3

4. Stretch the Layouter so that it takes up the entire section.

image of step 4

5. From the Add panel, go to Media to add or upload content to each item in the Layouter. Stretch each asset so that it fills the entire item.

image of step 5

6. Hit publish to see the final design.

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