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Dessert background scroll

Vered Bloch


Feb 12, 2023

Dessert background scroll

This mouthwatering design is created with background images that move in opposite directions as you scroll.

Learn how to create this design in 8 steps

1. Add a blank section to your page.

image step 1

2. Select the new section and open the Inspector panel. Adjust the minimum height according to the height of the background image you want to add. 

image step 2

3. Go to the Design tab in the Inspector panel and under Media add the image you want to use as the section background. 

image step 3

4. Select the section and from the floating menu choose the Background scroll effects icon. 

image step 4

5. Choose Pan Left

image step 5

6. Add another blank section, set the minimum height and add the image you want as the section background. Then, add a background scroll effect and this time choose Pan Right

image step 6

7. Repeat steps 1-5 as many times as you want, alternating the background scroll effect between Pan Left and Pan Right. 

8. Preview to see the result. As you scroll, the section backgrounds move in opposite directions creating a unique scroll effect. 

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