Introducing design libraries.

Streamline your workflow and drive collaboration. Build a reusable collection of typography themes, color palettes and design assets for every project, and share them with your team. 






Align brand identities. 

Create a design library by adding typography, color themes and design assets from any site. Build as many design libraries as you want, and use them to prepare design systems, organize brandbooks and set design guidelines.

  • Choose your font and style for each text element

  • Set up a customized color palette

  • Design and save entire sections as an asset for reuse

Optimize your workflow.

Manage and reuse your collection of assets on any site under the same account. 

  • Rename each theme or asset to stay organized

  • Apply themes and assets from existing libraries

Streamline collaboration.

Share your design libraries with your team. Your teammates can access and reuse them on any site in your team account.

  • Join the Partner Program and set up a team account

  • Invite teammates and assign roles and permissions 

  • Set your design library to public for team access

Editor X has helped optimize our workflow by making teamwork as accessible as our design assets. Sharing resources in one streamlined place has made collaboration a seamless process.”

Ensure brand consistency and encourage team collaboration with the power of shared design libraries.