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Meet the entrepreneurial sisters who grew their passion project into a successful business.

Lumo Design Studio Case Study
Lumo Design Studio Case Study
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Lucy and Imogen of Lumo Design studio preparing coffee.

Lumo Design Studio.

Sisters Imogen and Lucy became business partners 4 years ago when they decided to ditch unfulfilling corporate careers in pursuit of creative autonomy. They founded Lumo Design Studio, where they create impactful branding and web design for startups and passion-led businesses. What drives Imogen and Lucy is the difference they make when they transform a client’s vision into a fully realized brand and website.

As the size and complexity of their web projects grew, Lumo needed greater design capabilities to bring brands alive precisely as they and their clients imagined.

They started using Editor X to achieve that, and in the 2 years since switching platforms, Lumo has raised the standard of the sites they deliver, grown their team, and found more time to nurture the creative side of their business.

“I can’t imagine our business would have grown as much as it has without the capabilities and functionality Editor X gives us.”

Imogen, Creative Director

Finding the control to create their best work.

As creative director, Imogen was frustrated when she struggled to make her designs come alive perfectly and look the way she imagined at every breakpoint. Without that precision, she was stuck reining in her creativity.

“I was building the same kind of sections and layouts over and over, and losing that creativity because I was designing for the functionality of what I could build,” she says.

Imogen and Lucy of Lumo Design Studio seated outdoors having a conversation.

When Imogen discovered Editor X, her work transformed. Now she can create any design she envisions and add different breakpoints to make sure it looks perfect on any screen.

“Having that freedom has completely changed how I design, and now we’re building websites that are truly reflective of the brands we helped build,” Imogen adds.

Saving time with frictionless collaboration.

Collaboration is imperative to Lumo’s success. They have to work together efficiently to deliver the best results for their clients. But with Imogen based in New Zealand and Lucy based in Australia, the feedback cycle was tricky. It took a chain of messages or calls to explain which letter, in which paragraph, on which site page needed to be capitalized. On top of that, they couldn’t always tell who was working on a site and when, and had to work carefully to prevent work from being lost.

On Editor X, they streamlined that process by adding feedback in the editor and tagging their comments to specific elements. They can also work on the same site together and see changes live. Using collaboration tools, they’ve turned their creation process from a complicated web into one smooth flow, giving them time to focus on being creative.

“We can work together like we're in the same room, even though we're not. Every project feels cohesive.”

Imogen, Creative Director

Decorative image of Lumo workspace.

Achieving their mission and empowering clients.

Lumo doesn’t consider a project successful if what they hand over is too complicated for clients to use and manage themselves. In the past, they’ve had to move onto a different platform when clients found the original too difficult.

Now, they build almost every site with Editor X’s integrated CMS, which allows clients to control content behind the scenes without affecting the design.

After 2 years, none of their clients have asked to move platforms.

When Imogen and Lucy see their clients grow and succeed, they share in that joy. It lets them know that Lumo, which began as a passion project, is succeeding as a business too.

“We’re fulfilling our mission, which is to turn our clients' visions and their businesses into living, breathing brands they can be proud of,” says Imogen. “Seeing the success we’re helping them achieve—that’s when we feel that this is what we’re meant to be doing.”

Lumo Design Studio working on branding and design together.

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