Sections are the building blocks of your site. By default, they span the width of the browser, and you can set the height as you wish. 

Adding sections.

You can have as many sections as you want on each page. Add an empty section by selecting a section and clicking the + icon. You can also choose from tons of pre-designed sections inside the Add panel.

Moving sections.

To reorder sections, select a section and under More Actions, choose Move Up or Move Down. You can also reorder sections from the Layers panel. 

Background colors.

Click the design icon to change the background color of your section.

Duplicating sections.

Duplicate a section to use the same design somewhere else on the page. Select the section and under More Actions, choose Duplicate.

Vertical sections.

You can turn any horizontal section into a vertical section. Select the section, go to More Actions and click Flip to Vertical. You can also add a full length vertical section by selecting Page from the breadcrumbs menu, and clicking the Add icon on either side. 


Exercise on sections.

​Open Academy X from desktop to complete this exercise.


Duplicate a section. Select the black section and click More Actions (...) > Duplicate.


Change the background color. Select the duplicated section and click Change Design. Make the background color white.


Move a section. Select the white section and click More Actions (...) > Move Down.


Flip a section to vertical. Select the purple section and click More Actions (...) > Flip to Vertical to make it a sidebar.

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