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The Editor X canvas is wide and flexible. Panels appear as you need them, and you can move elements around freely using smooth drag and drop.


Your canvas is divided into horizontal sections. By default, you have a header, a footer and a large section in the middle. You can move them around and add as many sections and pages as you want. Use the resize handles at the side of your canvas to adjust the width. This lets you see and design your site at every viewport.

Editor X platform creating a headphone website called Walkers with brunette girl wearing headphones

Add panel

Drag any kind of element onto your canvas, from simple shapes and text, to social bars and fully designed sections.

Photo of a headphone being docked next to the Editor X add panel.

Action bar

Select any element on your canvas to open this floating action bar. From here, you can choose an animation, insert links, add comments and more.

Photo of man wearing headphones below website breadcrumbs

Inspector panel

This is where you can control the properties of a selected element. Jump through the tabs to see what’s possible—from adjusting the size and position to changing the design and adding interactions.

Abstract brown photo under the Editor X Inspector Panel


Use the Layers panel to view the hierarchy and parenting relationships between elements on each page. Rename each layer to stay organized and select or edit specific elements using the 3 dots.

Editor X layers panel with different sections and elements listed below


Masters are sections of content that can show on multiple site pages. Changes you make to one will affect this Master everywhere it appears on your site.

Photo of a white earbud under the Editor X Masters Panel showing the Header of a website


The breakpoints navigator at the top of your canvas lets you jump between 3 preset breakpoints—desktop, tablet and mobile. Click the 3 dots to customize breakpoints and add more.

Headphone website with Editor X Breakpoint bar showing breakpoint icons and Breakpoint panel showing three default breakpoints


Discover the Editor X workspace


Discover the Editor X workspace

Inspector panel


Inspector panel

Site structure


Site structure

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