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Sections are large containers that act as the building blocks of each page. By default, they span the width of the browser, and you can set the height as you wish.

Adding sections

You can have as many sections as you want on each page. Add an empty section by selecting a section and clicking the + icon. You can also choose from tons of pre-designed sections inside the Add panel.

Three vertically stacked sections, the top a closeup photo of a black bike on black background, the second one a man in a silver helmet and the bottom one a blue gradient

Moving sections

To reorder sections, select a section and from the 3 dots on the floating action bar, choose Move Up or Move Down. You can also reorder sections from the Layers panel.

A photo of a black bicycle next to the sections panel options including Move Up, Move Down, Apply Grid, Flip to Vertical, Duplicate, Don't Display and Delete

Background colors

From the Inspector panel, choose the Design tab to change the background color of your section.

A photo of a white helmet on top of a light purple background next to a color picker from the Editor X design panel choosing the purple

Duplicating sections

You can duplicate a section to use the same design somewhere else on the page. Select the section, then from the floating action bar, click the 3 dots and choose Duplicate.

Two duplicate images of a man in a silver helmet with the Sections panel open and Duplicate selected

Flipping to vertical

You can turn any horizontal section into a vertical section. Select the section, then from the floating action bar, click the 3 dots and choose Flip to Vertical.

A horizontal image of a black bike being selected to Flip to Vertical and a vertical section with the same image next to it

Creating vertical sections

Add a full length vertical section by selecting Page from the breadcrumbs, and clicking the + icon on either side.

Picture of a section, the cursor hovering over the plus sign on the right, displaying add section


Element hierarchy


Element hierarchy

Site structure


Site structure

Designed sections


Designed sections

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