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Live comments

Communicate with fellow creators in real time while you design on Editor X. Create element-specific comments, assign them to collaborators and filter comments to see what’s relevant to you.

Adding a comment

Select an element on the canvas, and from the floating action bar, click Comment. This opens the Comments panel on the right. Type your comment in the text box at the bottom and hit the send icon. To create a general comment, unrelated to a specific element, just open the Comments panel directly and start typing.

On the canvas, the floating action tool bar is open showing how to access comments. On the right side, the comments bar is open.

Assigning a comment

Type @ in the text box to see a list of all the collaborators and teammates who have access to this site. Select the person you want to tag in your comment. In case they’re not currently on the site, they’ll get a notification email to let them know you’ve reached out.

In the comments section, you can type @ and the list of collaborators will appear.

Editing & deleting

Once you’ve posted a comment, use the 3 dots beside it to Edit or Delete.

When you've written a comment, you can click on the 3 dots to edit or delete it.

Mentioned elements

Comments are page specific, so you’ll see a separate list of comments depending on the page you’re on. Above each comment, you’ll see the name of the element it relates to—and when you click on a comment, the relevant element will be highlighted on the canvas.

In comments, above each comment the element referred to is highlighted on the canvas.

Resolving & replying

Hit Reply to respond to a comment, and click Resolve when you’re done. Resolving a comment won’t delete it entirely. You can still retrieve it using the filter function.

In comments, there is an option to reply to or resolve the specific comment.

Filtering comments

You can choose which comments to display in the Comments panel. By default, you’ll see all Open comments. From the dropdown menu, you can decide to show only comments that have been Resolved, or My Comments—those are the ones that you’re tagged in, or have replied to.

In comments, it is possible to filter comments to see Open, Resolved or My Comments.


Rethinking how web design teams work together


Rethinking how web design teams work together

Concurrent editing


Concurrent editing

Design libraries


Design libraries

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