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Docking & margins

Control the positioning of elements at every viewport size.

Docking elements

Editor X has a smart docking system. When you drag an element into a container, it automatically docks to the closest edges. You can override this and manually set your docking from the Inspector panel.

On the canvas, the Inspector panel is   open. An element is shown being docked to the right and bottom.

Adding margins

Use margins to maintain a set distance between an element and the edges of the container it’s docked to. From the Inspector panel, under Margins, choose your desired value in pixels (px) or percent (%). You can also add margins to the sides of an element that isn’t docked. These margins act like a buffer between the element and the container or gridlines around it.

The Inspector panel is open and specific margins are being set for the element that is being docked.





Position type


Position type

Creating a full page sticky scroll effect


Creating a full page sticky scroll effect

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