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Breakpoints part 2

The cascading rule saves you time when you’re designing. Any layout or style changes you make at larger breakpoints automatically trickle down to all smaller breakpoints. This doesn’t mean you need to keep the same design for every screen size. You can still make custom changes at each breakpoint.

Don’t display

To hide an element on a specific breakpoint, go to that breakpoint, right click the element and select Don’t Display. Alternatively, go to the Layers panel from that same breakpoint, select the 3 dots next to the element and click Don’t Display. This change will only affect your current breakpoint and any smaller ones. To re-display your element, go back to the Layers panel, find the element and click the eye icon.

Right clicking on the element opens a menu. Don’t display is highlighted, indicating that you can choose not to display an element at a particular breakpoint.

Copying from breakpoints

You can copy all of an element’s layout and style properties from one breakpoint to another. For example, you might like the way you styled an element on mobile, and want to use this same styling on tablet. To do this, go to tablet, select the element and click Copy from Breakpoint. You’ll then see a preview of how this element appears at each breakpoint. Hover on the mobile breakpoint—where you have the styling you want—and click Apply. The mobile styling of this element will now be applied on tablet.

From the floating action bar that appears when you click on an element, you can choose to Copy from Breakpoint.

Using on all breakpoints

To use the same styling of an element on all breakpoints, right click the element and select Use on All Breakpoints.

Clicking on an element, open the menu and then you can click on Use on All Breakpoints.

Removing overrides

All changes that cascade down are inherited changes from larger breakpoints. You can override an inherited change by customizing an element at a specific, smaller breakpoint. An element that has overrides no longer inherits other changes from larger breakpoints. Remove overrides from an element by right clicking it and selecting Remove Overrides.

From the floating action bar, you can choose to remove overrides.


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