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Finding & fixing issues using the Site Checker

Explore how to quickly find and fix site issues using the Site Checker to create a seamless web experience.

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Sebi Vidret

Product Marketing Manager

I am an Editor X Product Marketing Manager, focused on the planning & execution of the Editor X education initiatives. Being obsessed with website development, I built my first site at 13 years old. Now I teach these skill to other aspiring creators. When I'm not designing on Editor X, you can find me making asado, playing soccer, and drinking mate with friends.

How to check your site using the Site Checker

What is the Site Checker?

The Site Checker is a smart tool that scans your site to identify problems and recommend fixes related to breakpoints, page structure, content and more.

How to use it

You can find the Site Checker under Tools in the top bar. Once you click Check Page, the Site Checker scans the page you’re currently editing on all breakpoints and you’ll see a list of issues detected. It also scans the full site for potential security concerns. You can use the tabs to switch between page issues and site issues.

Click on any item to navigate directly to the source, or select Learn More to understand more about the issue. Once you make the suggested fixes, click Check Again, and the issue will be removed from the list.

If a suggested fix isn’t relevant, click on the breadcrumbs to the right of the item and select Ignore. You can always revisit it by selecting Ignored Issues from the dropdown.

Types of issues detected

Once the scan is done, you’ll see a list of suggested fixes related to:

  • Private data visible in content collections

  • Hidden elements

  • Missing header sections

  • Low image quality

  • Small fonts

  • Missing links

  • Default content that hasn’t been changed

  • Overflowing content

  • Content not adapted to all breakpoints

  • Missing or multiple H1 tags

Learn more about any of the issues listed above here.

When to use the Site Checker.

You can check your site at any time during the creation process, as many times as you need. It’s best to scan before going live, or after changing or building a new page.







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