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Creating a scroll snap effect with a Layouter

Follow along with Product & Design Advisor Vicky Borges to create a scroll snap effect using a Layouter. In this example, we’ll create a design that uses 4 images scrolling behind pinned text and a button.

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Vicky Borges

Product & Design Advisor

I’m a Product and Design Advisor at Editor X. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from PUC-RIO and I’m passionate about conceptual design, arts and photography. During my free time I enjoy surfing at Prainha and cooking up an authentic Brazilian barbecue for friends and family.

Follow these steps in the editor

Part 1: Set up the section.

1. Select the section where you want to create the scroll snap effect

2. Set the section to 100vh and remove the minimum height

3. Drag in a Layouter

4. Stretch the Layouter to fill the section

Part 2: Add and format your content.

5. Add the image you want to each Layouter item and stretch it to fill

6. Select the Layouter

7. Change the Display type from Mosaic to Slider

8. Set the Direction to Top to Bottom

9. Remove the Vertical margins by setting them to 0px

10. Activate Scroll snap align and set it to Center

11. Set the minimum height of each Layouter item to 100vh

12. Select your page header and set the Position type to Pinned

13. Set the header to Overlap next section

14. Add the elements that you want to the Layouter section. In this case we have text and a button

15. Position the elements in the center of the section

16. Set the Position type of your items to Pinned

17. Pin the items to the section

Result: When we preview the page, the images scroll while the header, text and buttons stay fixed.



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