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How scale text works

Scale text lets us set the text size to scale in proportion to the size of the viewport. Follow along with technical designer Ido Hershkovits as he explains how scale text works and how to use it on your sites.

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Ido Hershkovits

Technical Designer

I’m a web developer and Editor X specialist based in Tel Aviv. I work closely alongside the Editor X marketing team as a coding and responsive design expert. In my spare time, I’m a passionate musician and producer.

How scale text works

What is scale text?

When we create websites on Editor X, we can set the text to scale in proportion to the size of the viewport. This means that when you move to a larger viewport, the text grows in size and shrinks when you move to a smaller viewport. For more control, you can also set a custom upper and lower value so the text will not grow larger or shrink smaller than the values set.

When we don't want text to scale, we can set the text to be a fixed value, so that the font size will remain the same across all viewport widths and breakpoints.

The cascading rule applies here so design changes in smaller breakpoints don't affect large breakpoints. This means that a new scale text in tablet view will affect mobile only—desktop will be unaffected.

When does scale text apply?

Let’s say we’re at the largest breakpoint of 1920px and we set the scale text at 60 font size. When we move to a smaller breakpoint of 320px, the font size reduces to 28.

On tablet view, if we want to make the text larger, we’ll set an upper value of 56, which will override the scale text set on desktop. The upper value refers to the font size at the highest point in the tablet range, which is 1000px in this case.

What happens in extra large displays?

Above 1920px, text continues to scale up as the viewport widens. To avoid this, add a custom breakpoint at 1920px and set a fixed font size at that breakpoint.



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