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Working effectively with clients on Editor X

Sebi shares an in-depth workflow on Editor X that helps creators and their clients work together more effectively.

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Sebi Vidret

Product Marketing Manager

I am an Editor X Product Marketing Manager, focused on the planning & execution of the Editor X education initiatives. Being obsessed with website development, I built my first site at 13 years old. Now I teach these skill to other aspiring creators. When I'm not designing on Editor X, you can find me making asado, playing soccer, and drinking mate with friends.

Follow these steps in the editor

Easily import client content

Importing from a cloud drive.

  1. Open the site you want to work on from My Sites

  2. Open the Add panel

  3. Navigate to Media

  4. Click on My Uploads

  5. Click the Upload Media button

From here you can import media from a range of cloud storage platforms, including Dropbox and Google Drive. Anyone you give access to can upload content to Site Files and use assets as needed.

Edit sites side by side

When your client needs to get involved with the creation process, whether by adding content, uploading products or making any other edits, you don’t need to worry about pausing your work. Editor X allows concurrent editing, letting you share the workspace with your clients. Here’s how to invite them to collaborate with you:

  1. From the top bar of the editor, click Invite

  2. In the sidebar that opens, under Site Team enter the email address of the person you want to invite

  3. Select their role from the dropdown

Click Send Invite

Roles and permissions

Not every stakeholder needs to access the full capabilities of Editor X, so you can set customized roles and permissions that restrict what individuals can edit to make sure your designs don’t get disrupted.

  1. From the top bar of the editor, click Invite

  2. Click Manage Roles & Permissions

  3. Click Manage Roles

  4. You can create a customized role by clicking Create New Role. You can learn more about this in our dedicated lesson on Roles & Permissions.

Once a user has a new role, you can select which pages they can edit.

  1. From the top bar of the editor, click Site

  2. Click Page Editing Permissions

  3. Select the pages you want to give them edit access to

You can learn more about Page Editing Permissions here.

Streamline feedback and approval

Throughout the creation process, feedback is an essential tool for delivering a final product your clients love, so let’s look at some ways you and your clients can communicate on Editor X.

Comment directly in the editor

Editor X allows any stakeholder to leave comments on any site element. These comments are displayed in real time and can be responded to and resolved directly in the editor. To add a new comment:

  1. Select any element on the canvas

  2. Click the comment icon

  3. Type your comment in the textbox and hit the send icon

You can read more about live comments here.

Get feedback via a link

If you’d prefer to send a link to the latest version of your site, you can use the Get Feedback tool. Any stakeholder will then be able to leave feedback, even if they don’t have an Editor X account. To generate this link:

  1. Click Invite in the top bar of the editor

  2. Click Share a preview link to this site

  3. Enter the email you’d like to send the link to and, optionally, add a message

  4. Hit Send

You can also copy the link to send it another way if you’d prefer.

Automate your billing process.

You can also take care of client finances on Editor X with tools to help you manage client accounts, as well as proposals and invoices. Invoices can be fulfilled online, through a payment provider of your choice, and funds will be sent directly to your bank account. You can find more details about these features here.

Complete handovers online

Once your client site is ready to go live, make every handover a smooth process.

Giving full site access to your client is the best choice if you don’t plan on working on the site in the future. To transfer the site to your client, follow these steps.

  1. From your site dashboard, click on the Site Actions dropdown

  2. Click Transfer Site

  3. Enter the new site owner’s email address under Who will be the new site owner?

  4. Uncheck the box beside Keep my role as Website Manager of this site after the transfer

  5. Click Next

  6. Click Transfer Ownership

If you plan to update the site going forward, simply invite your client with a defined role. You can visit our dedicated article about managing roles to learn more about this process.

For more details about how Editor X facilitates efficient client workflows, check out the additional collaboration resources available on Academy X.



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